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Sims the Game: One of the Best Simulation Games Ever Created

I know many gamers would agree that the Sims is one of the best simulation games ever created in the history of gaming. This game was developed by EA Maxis and was published by EA (Electronic Arts), the same American company who’s behind the most hard-core 3D games such as Battlefield, Need For Speed, Command & Conquer, Titan Fall and many more, just to mention a few.

The original Sims was released way back 2000 of February and its first was dedicated for Windows PC. In just a span of 2 years, this magnificent game was sold more than 11.3 million copies worldwide, just wow!

The ultimate goal in this game is to create a virtual characters called Sims and live like a real human being that needs to interact with other sims, buy necessities, create house, work for a living, socialize with other sims, and have a healthy life-style.

The Sims FreePlay: Latest Online Real Time Simulation Game

The Sims FreePlay is the latest franchise of the game with over hundred million downloads in Google PlayStore with an amazing 4.2 positive reviews from 4.4m users around the globe. The game was released worldwide last 15th of December 2011 for Apple devices and 15th of February the following year for Android devices. Thanks to the technology that we have of today, with this newest released players can interact with other players around the world in real time using an internet connection or mobile data.

Story mode and quests are up to 55 levels, and you can create up to a whooping number of 34 Sims while you collect Simoleons, social points (Using Facebook), experience points, and lifestyle points that you can use to buy in-game items and easily finish a specific quest or task such as construction of building.